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The Government of Barbados has forged a number of agreements with multi-client data acquisition companies in efforts to provide oil and gas companies with an insight into the largely untested exploration potential offshore the island of Barbados. Use the links below to gather information about these seismic campaigns:-


MultiClient Geophysical ASA, in cooperation with the Government of Barbados, is in the process of acquiring 6,678 km of high-quality long offset 2D seismic in the most prolific parts of the Barbados Offshore License Area. The survey covers the Barbados Trough, the Tobago Basin and crosses the Barbados Ridge between the basins.

For further details on this programme, you may review the brochure here or visit MultiClient Geophysical online at


Wavefield Inseis AS, in cooperation with the Government of Barbados, acquired 5,960 km of long offset 2D seismic. The survey was designed to establish the major hydrocarbon prospective trends in the Barbados offshore sector and aimed to delineate the structural relations between the Tobago Basin, the Barbados Ridge and Barbados Trough as well as the northwest area of the Barbados Ridge.

Please be advised that rights to this data now reside with CGG Veritas. For further details on this programme, you may review the brochures utilised by Wavefield Inseis AS here, as well as here, or visit CGG Veritas online at


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