Energy Bulletin 2016 Print

During 2015, international Crude Oil prices averaged US$49.00 per barrel showing a significant decrease when compared to the previ-ous average of US$93.00 per barrel during 2014. The data presented in this bulletin provides information on:

  • Production and Sales of Crude Oil and Natural Gas;
  • Export and Import figures for petroleum products;
  • Petroleum pricing at both international and the local retail level;
  • The amount of barrels of products consumed locally;
  • and Electricity sales and Generation.

This bulletin also includes data on the Oil and Gas find-ings as well as exploration attempts onshore.The Division will continue to work assiduously to provide forecast and outlooks on the Energy Sector.

The Division has also launched a National Energy Information System (NEIS) in November 2015 at the University of West indies Cave Hill Campus in conjunction with the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE). With this system, the Division of Energy and Telecommunications will be better positioned to improve the whole data collection process to better inform policy and decision making We hope that you will enjoy reading this edition of the bulletin and look forward to your comments and feedback to make this periodical better.

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